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Engineering Drawing Engineering Drawing Engineering Drawing

We Pride Ourselves on our High-Quality Engineering Drawings

As specialists in creating engineering drawings to BS8888:2017 and we use the latest design software to design a range of products and equipment. Following the initial product design, we then generate the engineering drawings so that it can be manufactured. Here we can specify the best means of manufacturing, machining, surface finish, tolerance, welding and CNC folding. This takes your product design through to final assembly. Engineering drawings are produced by our highly experienced team that will generate standard BS8888:2017 compliant drawings.

We regularly produce engineering drawings for architects, engineering companies, shop fitters, designers, electronics designers, furniture manufacturers, film production companies, interior designer, landscape gardeners, artists and designers. As highly qualified mechanical design engineers, we can assist you with a variety of engineering drawing services to assist you through your project.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality engineering drawings, rapid turnaround and professionalism for large or small scale projects. We produce high quality fully complaint drawings, including:

  • Concept drawings
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Manufacturing drawings
  • Patent drawings
  • Schematic drawings
  • Coordination drawings

Creation Engineering offer engineering drawing services directly to the construction sector. These are used to help manage the flow of fabrication throughout the various stages of a project.

We also produce drawings including:

1. Product Drawings (Manufacturing Drawings and Fabrication Drawings). Our engineering drawings re used by fabricators and manufacturers to produce a component.

2. Construction Drawings (Architectural Drawings, Floor Plans and Mechanical Drawings). Construction professionals use our drawings to plan a building project through the use of floor plans, elevation drawings, pipe routing and final assembly drawings.

3. Line Drawings (Schematics and Simple Layout Drawings). Our line drawings are created to a professional standard for a range of industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, power generation and automotive sectors.

Client Testimonials


"The Creation Engineering team produced an excellent product at a very quick turnaround time. Daniel and the team made a professional mock-up of the final product which looks and feels excellent."

Bruce Robertson - Zedlock Ltd

"Another successful project completed by the team at Creation Engineering. Fast service and quality engineering drawings generated."

David Jarvis Lee - European Space Agency

"Excellent service for the testing and the generation of professional design for a new concept. Very grateful for the work carried out."

Karoline MccNeil - Foster & Partners

"Thank you for the generation of carbon fibre parts. They look and feel excellent."

Gary Jones - Tata Steel Strip Products

"Creation Engineering has worked with Tata on the design and verification of a number of projects. An excellent team of designers and we will be using them again for future work."

David Rossier - United States Army MMRC

"Creation Engineering had created a few components that we now use with the MMRC museum for show and tell exercises. Very lifelike structures and a great team of designers."

Simon Brooker - Podi Shark Repellent Device

"Excellent service and a great looking prototype, we are really happy with Creation Engineering."

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