Terms & Conditions

Each of our services is quoted in a block, this is so you have a good understanding between the development of the idea, and the cost can be split over many months. Following us receiving a detailed specification describing the background, functionality together with basic design drawings - this will give our team a clear set of deliverables and specifications so the design can be produced quickly and efficiently. This together with the completion of a nondisclosure agreement and the payment of a 20% deposit will result in the commencement of design engineering work. You will be invited to Creation Engineering in order to discuss your idea and to discuss the progression of the project.


For privately funded clients: a 20% non-refundable deposit will be required prior to starting the design work and full payment will be required within 20-days of completing the project. All payments can be made by cheque or BACS transfer, in which we will issue you with a payment reference number. All prices are up front and there are no hidden charges. We will only ever start work once the price and timeline is agreed.

Design Engineering Process

Design engineering projects will vary considerably based upon the idea and the detail/complexity of the concept. Sometimes a client requiring a certain service can often be completely unfamiliar with specific details and needs the experience and advise to clarify initial ideas. To make the process go as smoothly as possible you will be asked to fill in a development form detailing the specification of your idea. When a range of viable alternatives is presented, opinions can be focused and firm decisions made. Drawings at this stage should be regarded only as provisional. The exercise is needed as an aid to think around the problem, with contributions being made by freelance specialists. After the basic geometry is established, design variations can be kept, in order to allow for redrawing alternative sections of previously proposals. With the completion of preliminary design work an agreed design concept will be established, but it its necessary to obtain your approval before work continues. If all is well, working drawings will be prepared. The object now is to prepare working drawings to formulate construction methods.