Environmental Management Consultant Services (ISO 14001)

Environmental Consultancy

Environmental Management Consultant

Creation Engineering provide professional environmental management consultancy services. We support businesses in complying with environmental standards and achieving environmental accreditation. This is done while positively impacting financial and operational performance. We provide sustainable solutions, which comply with legal and industry requirements.

What is an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System?

The ISO 14000 family of standards provide practical methods for businesses and organisations who are looking to manage their environmental responsibilities. ISO 14001:2015 focuses on Environmental Management Systems (EMS) to achieve this.

Why gain ISO 14001 Certification?

By obtaining ISO 14001:2015 certification for your business, you can assure your stakeholders, local Councils and customers, that you are not only aware of your impact on the environmental, but that you are looking to reduce your environmental impact.

Benefits to your business or organisation

Firstly, use the reduce, reuse and recycle approach towards making actual cost reductions. This is particularly the case with the procurement of raw materials.

Enhance your company or organisations image in Wales and improve your commitment to sustainability within the local community and to stakeholders.

Reduce the impact of your business activities on the environment through quality environmental practice management.

Benefits to your customers, both new and existing

Reassure customers who also have ISO 14001:2015 accreditation are who are looking to work with you as part of their supply chain. By making the environment an important part of your business, then this shows customers that you are a forward-thinking and environmentally aware organisation, that meets its social and environmental responsibility.

Benefits to your staff

By becoming an environmentally aware company this will increase the motivation of employees to move towards reducing waste. By increasing environmental awareness amongst the workforce this will lead towards actively reducing environmental risks, minimising cost and preventing incidents to both employees and the environment.

Creation Engineering will help you implement an EMS. This will be tailored specifically to your organisation. It will demonstrate your company commitments to on-going environmental issues both on a local and national scale. More specifically it will help you reduce your waste and minimise your carbon footprint significantly.

We will work with you to implement an ISO14001:2015 EMS within your organisation. Creation Engineering will show you all the stages required for how to design and implement an effective EMS. You will learn about the significance of adopting EMS and the business opportunities approach to environmental management.

We will work with you in how to see the full life-cycle in your business process and the documented information requirements that you will need when applying for accreditation. You will work with Chartered Environmentalist Dr. Daniel Thomas who is a UKAS Accredited Auditor during the whole process.

We will work with you to:

  • Understand the value of an effective EMS and its contribution to your business
  • Develop the background and development of ISO14001:2015
  • To implement the key requirements of ISO 14001:2015
  • Address the requirements concerning organisation, operations and planning
  • Develop environmental policy and objectives
  • Determine environmental aspects and impacts
  • Understand the relevance of environmental legislation
  • Plan the approaches to implementing an EMS
  • Write personalised Environmental Management documentation specific to your organisation

ISO14001:2015 is important and is not just about ticking boxes, it is a wise progression for companies towards sustainability. It involves reducing the impact of business activities on the environment and also makes your business more efficient.

A well-developed Environmental Policy and EMS will help make sure that you comply with legislation, but also improve your tender processes and the culture of responsibility of your business.

Client Testimonials


"The Creation Engineering team produced an excellent product at a very quick turnaround time. Daniel and the team made a professional mock-up of the final product which looks and feels excellent."

Bruce Robertson - Zedlock Ltd

"Another successful project completed by the team at Creation Engineering. Fast service and quality engineering drawings generated."

David Jarvis Lee - European Space Agency

"Excellent service for the testing and the generation of professional design for a new concept. Very grateful for the work carried out."

Karoline MccNeil - Foster & Partners

"Thank you for the generation of carbon fibre parts. They look and feel excellent."

Gary Jones - Tata Steel Strip Products

"Creation Engineering has worked with Tata on the design and verification of a number of projects. An excellent team of designers and we will be using them again for future work."

David Rossier - United States Army MMRC

"Creation Engineering had created a few components that we now use with the MMRC museum for show and tell exercises. Very lifelike structures and a great team of designers."

Simon Brooker - Podi Shark Repellent Device

"Excellent service and a great looking prototype, we are really happy with Creation Engineering."

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