Enhanced Case for Mobius Action Camera

Case Studies 1

Over the years Creation Engineering Ltd has developed a range of enhanced products from people who want to take their hobby and take in to the next level. We were contacted by Steven Walker on Extreme Mountain Biking. His hobby and passion involves making videos of high-level Mountain biking events using a Mobius Action Cam. These are put onto the mountain bike, on the helmet of the riders and even onto a series of drones that they use for filming.

The problem was that any small know that the camera takes then this would damage the electronics. So Steven turned to Creation Engineering Ltd to design and build a special type of carbon fibre protective case for the Mobius Action Cam. This device can be retrofitted to any number of devices, mountain bikes, surf boards and even an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). We designed the parts within a week and then 3D Printed from our ultra-high strength 3D Printable carbon fibre.

The final result was a stunningly practical and easy to assemble case that was tough and rugged. After over six months of use and a few crashed along the way, the prototype case has survived and is now going into production later this year.

Sight for a New Compound Bow Concept

Case Studies 2

As a practical design company, we were approached by one of the biggest compound bow manufacturing companies in the work to design a compound bow sight for their new product line. The compound bow sight is a key component in competition archery and in archery hunting.

As a result it needed be made to a high degree of precision. Within a month we had designed, moulded and made a small production run of twenty parts for testing. The design needed a few custom parts redesigned, including the pins and level.

We did this all in house and the customer was thrilled with the outcome. This durable design has gone on to become a precision component in the field of competition archery.

Armoured Case for the Raspberry Pi

Case Study 3

The Raspberry Pi has become an excellent single-board computer to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools and in developing countries. It can be modified with a range of accessories and can do a lot of things.

We started working with a small engineering company that were looking at making an armoured case for the Raspberry Pi so that it could be taken into more interesting environments, including the bottom of the ocean and even near a volcano.

Within three weeks we had designed a special armoured case that was designed so that the Raspberry Pi could be used in these extreme conditions. We even found a way to integrate cooling systems to protect the Raspberry Pi from heat.

"The Creation Engineering Ltd team provided an excellent services and were wonderful to work with. They are very innovate and logical during the product development cycle" Michael Webster – AL Logic

Client Testimonials


"The Creation Engineering team produced an excellent product at a very quick turnaround time. Daniel and the team made a professional mock-up of the final product which looks and feels excellent."

Bruce Robertson - Zedlock Ltd

"Another successful project completed by the team at Creation Engineering. Fast service and quality engineering drawings generated."

David Jarvis Lee - European Space Agency

"Excellent service for the testing and the generation of professional design for a new concept. Very grateful for the work carried out."

Karoline MccNeil - Foster & Partners

"Thank you for the generation of carbon fibre parts. They look and feel excellent."

Gary Jones - Tata Steel Strip Products

"Creation Engineering has worked with Tata on the design and verification of a number of projects. An excellent team of designers and we will be using them again for future work."

David Rossier - United States Army MMRC

"Creation Engineering had created a few components that we now use with the MMRC museum for show and tell exercises. Very lifelike structures and a great team of designers."

Simon Brooker - Podi Shark Repellent Device

"Excellent service and a great looking prototype, we are really happy with Creation Engineering."

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