About Us

Who We Are

Creation Engineering is a Welsh-based Computer Aided Design company which offer 2D and 3D CAD services. We offer architectural drawing, engineering drawings to BS8888:201, timber frame drawings, building layout design, bill of materials, sheet metal design, component fabrication, drafting services and engineering consultancy services.

We provide the best CAD services to help our customers on their way towards producing a product. We offer the customer highly competitive rates per hour for a range of CAD, analysis, design engineering, consultancy and rapid prototyping services.

Our business aims to enable innovation through providing a professional, friendly and reliable service to deliver results that are impressive and go beyond expectations. In this aim, the business will work closely with our clients to understand their project needs and deliver the best service.

We offer customers highly competitive rates per hour for a range of engineering, design, analysis, consultancy and rapid prototyping services. We are an Autodesk Cleantech partner and use the latest AutoCAD and TurboCAD software. Our design work has been featured in www.engineering.com, Desktop Engineering Magazine and www.theengineer.co.uk

Some of our features

A Dependable Service: From our first meeting we will understand your idea and what you need in order to make it into a real product. Whether your project is a simple prototype that is required, an engineering design, architectural plan or a complete product development – then with Creation Engineering Ltd, you have come to the right place. We have a constant experience of delivering these services to numerous clients.

Start-to-Finish Process: We take ideas from concept, through the design process and on to manufacture. That makes the product development process simpler for our clients. Our professional approach to product design is efficient, offering clients a creative route to market.

Expert Product Design Specialists: Our team are expert design professionals who have extensive experience of working in the industry. This experience means that we know the best methods in how to design a product and how to develop good designs. Our designers are Chartered Engineers and members of the Institute for Engineering Designer. This means that we have a great deal to offer in terms of product development experience.

Our Clients

Our Clients