Computer Aided Design in South Wales


From Small to Large Design Projects

Creation Engineering is a Welsh-based Computer Aided Design company which offer 2D and 2D CAD services. We offer architectural drawing, engineering drawings to BS8888:201, timber frame drawings, building layout design, bill of materials, sheet metal design, component fabrication, drafting services and engineering consultancy services. We provide the best CAD services to help our customers on their way towards producing a product. We offer the customer highly competitive rates per hour for a range of CAD, analysis, design engineering, consultancy and rapid prototyping services.

Making a mistake early on means that the remainder of a new products development can suffer - this is where Creation Engineering comes to life. For instance design verification is an important part of getting things right. This is done as cost effectively as possible using state of the art Autodesk Inventor software so that each facet of the design can be developed and the final product is optimum.

Your idea designed in 3D

All designs are based on the principle of design for manufacture (DFM). The material selection process is carried out considering the operational environment of the product, required performance and limitations in manufacture.

  • Develop an initial 3D concept design
  • Develop a patent drawing
  • Understand the concept and product evolution
  • Understand how the product can be manufactured

All designs are based on the principle of design for manufacture (DFM), in which the material selection process is carried out that considers the operational environment of the product and its performance, this allows for limitation to be overcome.

Clients use our Computer Aided Design services to:

  • Develop an initial 3D concept design
  • To visualise the product
  • Develop patent drawings
  • Develop an understanding of the concept
  • Understand how the product can be manufactured

By splitting up the development of a product into separate blocks, this also offers flexibility in terms of time and cost. Initially you may only want to find out what a product looks like before taking things further, therefore we specifically offer this range of concept design services one phase at a time.

During the development of the product, you will work with us to develop the initial concept of your idea through to final production.

Client Testimonials


"The Creation Engineering team produced an excellent product at a very quick turnaround time. Daniel and the team made a professional mock-up of the final product which looks and feels excellent."

Bruce Robertson - Zedlock Ltd

"Another successful project completed by the team at Creation Engineering. Fast service and quality engineering drawings generated."

David Jarvis Lee - European Space Agency

"Excellent service for the testing and the generation of professional design for a new concept. Very grateful for the work carried out."

Karoline MccNeil - Foster & Partners

"Thank you for the generation of carbon fibre parts. They look and feel excellent."

Gary Jones - Tata Steel Strip Products

"Creation Engineering has worked with Tata on the design and verification of a number of projects. An excellent team of designers and we will be using them again for future work."

David Rossier - United States Army MMRC

"Creation Engineering had created a few components that we now use with the MMRC museum for show and tell exercises. Very lifelike structures and a great team of designers."

Simon Brooker - Podi Shark Repellent Device

"Excellent service and a great looking prototype, we are really happy with Creation Engineering."

Our Clients